How to train a Dragon

Over the past few weeks, I have been working with a Frisian named Dragon, the owner and horse were complete novice drivers, although they have had many years together under the saddle. Over a four week period I worked with both the owner and the horse. Dragon stayed with us on livery for four weeks, with his owner coming up twice a week for lessons.

I worked with Dragon on a daily basis, driving him as a pair and a single. I like to pair a novice horse with one of my experienced horses, as I feel that it relaxes the horse, when the experience horse takes the lead.

My lessons are all about giving confidence to the horse and owner, this includes everything – even tacking up,which can be very confusing to advise on the best carriage for you and your horse.

After four weeks of training, I am pleased to confirm that both horse and driver have achieved a good all round grounding of carriage driving and I am very confident that both of them will enjoy many a great drive.